Pinaree Sanpitak: ...and everything in between...

Oct.15 - Nov.12, 2004

  Art-U room is pleased to host the solo exhibition of Pinaree Sanpitak, one of the most prominent woman artists in today's Thai contemporary art scene. 


  In the past decade, Pinaree’s work has seen its development along the axis of ‘female body’. Being a mother of a child herself, she deliberately uses motif of ‘breast’ as a metaphor of her-self, and by extension woman in general. In recent years, this breast icon is taking on more abstract features and forming a variation of shapes and colors which arouses in viewer’s mind an ever-changing image of fruit, stupa, vessel, boat and so on. In her latest exhibitions in Bangkok, she incorporated in her installations a wide range of materials such as silk, mulberry fiber, wax, terra-cotta… and proved her keen sense for the subtlety each substance inherently possesses.


  Exhibition this time, entitled ‘…and everything in between…’ and composed by paintings plus a large-scale vessel object, will offer us a space which put emphasis on something subtle and understated, on the importance of the things which would be attained only through the imagination. We cordially invite you to this first solo exhibition in Tokyo of Pinarre Sanpitak.


Opening hours: Tue.-Sat. 12:00-19:00. Sun.12:00-17:00. / closed on Mon.

● Reception with the artist: Oct.15, 17:00~

■ Supported by The Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo






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