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Pinaree Sanpitak: breast-fruits

Feb.16 - March 26, 2006

  Pinaree Sanpitak, one of the most represented artists in today's Thailand, has adopted the motif of 'breasts' for more than a decade ago as a reflection of herself as a female being. Since then her ‘breasts’ have evolved in various forms and mediums in painting, sculpture or installations. It is her attempt to ‘reach out’, to expand the human perception and alter its attitude toward a given environment through the senses aroused by this strong female bodily symbol. This concern brought to her latest creation a certain flexibility which permits audience's interference in such works as noon-nom, a spatial installation of oversized breast-formed cushions, or breast stupa cookery, a cooking project by making use of breast-shaped cooking molds, both of these works were exhibited in Yokohama Triennale last year. 


  'breast-fruits' at this exhibition consists of the series of works in two different materials and techniques; fabric and terra-cotta. In the series of fabric, which is to be suspended like banners, Sanpitak selected hemp textiles woven by hill tribes in the north of Thailand and figured on them a silhouette of 'breast-fruits' by unthreading them, or by embroidering with gold and silver thread. While in the series of terra-cotta, she endowed each of fired pieces with different colors and textures through the process of glazing. The scenery of these corpulent fruit-like objects might arouse an amusing illusion as if we stepped into the enchanted forest in a fairy-tale world. 


  Both series, realized through applied manual works, give a feeling of warmth and fill viewer's vision with their variant tastes and flavors. 


● Opening hours: Tue.-Sat. 12:00-19:00. Sun.12:00-17:00. / closed on Mon.



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