Design Tide in Tokyo 2006 official entry program

Anthony Kleinepier & TTTVO: Sign of the Times

Nov.1-23, 2006

  Art-U room is pleased to welcome this year again Dutch designers Anthony Kleinepier & TTTVO in our joint exhibition/events 'Sign of the Times', which is to be held as an official entry program of Design Tide 2006. 


  Anthony Kleinepier and TTTVO, two designers based in Eindhoven, started to present their products together since the end of 2002 and have exhibited in the important designer's events worldwide. Their works, presented in a mixed arrangement which recalls a certain staged setting, challenge peoplel's conformist idea about interior design and at the same time interact with the audience, encourage them to take part and not only observe.


  This interactive factor of their setting played an important role in our last year’s exhibition 'Pic-nic in the Room’, for which the designers created a volcanic setting in the middle of the gallery space and it served as a stage for a variety of events performed by invited guests. At this 2nd edition of our collaboration entitled 'Sign of the Times', accompanied by a variety of events, the new setting will function again as a platform where the existing gaps between 'design and life' will be questioned. Their intension is to create possibilities to experience new connections between the products and the viewer and as well as to show an other view on what design could be.

■ Event program


Nov. 2 (Thur.) 

'Opening Party'

17:00-22:00  Guest DJ: Jonny


Nov. 4 (Sat.) 

'Time for Sharing 06_will anybody see the dawn?' by 24h living® 


Nov. 11 (Sat.) 

'Exchange auction - Your rubbish is my treasure.'

14:00~,  Auctioneer: Art-Scène / Oden party after the session.


Nov. 23 (Thur.) 

'Sound performance' by marsh+mallow & Robin+Sawako

Evening session 16:00-17:00 / Night session 20:00-21:00, Image projection by Ken Iwai

*All events admission free


●  Opening hours: Tue.-Sat. 12:00-19:00. Sun.12:00-17:00. / closed Mon.

■ Supported by Royal Netherlands Embassy in Japan, Mondriaan Foundation, Fujitsu Ten Ltd. and Art-Scène by Philippe Bergonzo


'Time for Sharing 06_will anybody see the dawn?' by 24h living®  (Nov.4)


Bunnyman died in rocketship explosion. Hurricane Annie ripped the ceiling of his temple of consumption. The night fell and a bomb fell and nothing was left but a vacuum. No escape, no instant satisfaction, no where to turn, nowhere to run

Will anybody see the dawn?


アントニー・クライネピア / TTTVO


'Exchange auction - Your rubbish is my treasure.'  (Nov.11)

Auctioneer: Art-Scène

For participants: Please bring your disused things on the day. We'll put them to auction in turn, and if you find one you can exchange with yours among the items other people brought, it's a deal. If you can't find one, we'll sell your item by cash auction. The items can be clothes, accessories, cartoons, CD, etc. Anything but limited to something you can carry easily. No commission will be charged on the bidding. 

'Sound performance' by marsh+mallow & Robin+Sawako (Nov.23)



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