Anu Tuominen: Recreation

Oct.30 - Nov.22, 2009

   "On a Flowery handkerchief sew small blue horizontal stitches, green vertical stitches, a spring and grass. With golden thread sew a shaft of sunlight on blue lakewater."   (from Anu Tuominen 'Thinkables')

  Anu Tuominen turns her attention to materials and tools, with which everyone is familiar, such as kitchen utensils and stationery, and appropriates them through simple acts of knitting, cutting or assorting. Her works often involve aspects of craft; making a necklace by threading bead-like shortened pieces of pencils, or transforming old gloves into vessels or little animals by sewing them together. Although they all originate in concepts, they carry a sense of warmth, often concealing humor for which one cannot help bursting into a laugh. The artist carefully observes and analyzes each object' s form and function, and the quality and colors inherent in materials. While maintaining the original state of an object, she gives a second life to it, triggering an endless chain of imagination for a viewer as in a word-association game.

   Following her successful solos 'Kitchen'(2006) and 'Forester'(2008) at Art-U room, 'Recreation' allows to have a comprehensive view of Tuominen's wide variety of works from the past till the latest ones. Abandoned outdated utensils, gathered at the flea markets, Tuominen turns a careful gaze on these things and re-create them into the art works which arouse amazement and delight to the viewer. Please enjoy Tuominen's alchemical creation.


●  Opening hours: Tue.-Sat. 12:00-19:00. Sun.12:00-17:00. / closed Mon. except Nov.2

●  Reception with the artist : Oct.30, 18:00 - 20:00

■ Supported by The Finnish Institute in Japan / Chip the Paint


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